Make it rain

Time is flowing, paths are turning, you can't go back. Not three days, not seven years. Listen to that tune, someone plays the song of goodbyes, the song of hellos. Song of time, song of storms. The past is running towards you, first a flashback and then the shadows suddenly lurks in the corners of your eye. The worlds collide, what will you do? Stand up to all fears and simply trust the giants that are around me. Deny, anger, bargain, depression, acceptance. Is it fate or is it just this thing that people call random. I'm here now, but I remember. The wind blowing in my hair, the clock ticking in my ear. Where did you go, my friend, and am I really looking for you in this new world of confused people and crazy thoughts. The moon is falling down, you can't run away from that. The night turns to day, you can't make it stop without that tune. Raindrops on my face, here comes the storm!
Love & Peace


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