Crazy, awesome June

Gonna write this in English, feeling a bit rusty and need to be ready for some change in language when I'm going to Berlin next week. I know I have some flaws in the English grammar, don't point them out, just try to be happy that I'm writing ^^
This June has so far been, and will continue to be, epic!
It started out with LinCon, one of my favorite conventions. I met a lot of friends, drank a lot of tea, qualified to the World Championship in Settlers of Catan again and I even roleplayed for the first time this year! Some epic games of Mafia were had too, a really great weekend to start this awesome month! 
After that came Sweden Rock, my very first festival. I tried to listen to some of the attending bands in beforehand, but in the end it was spontaniously going to bands that I'd never heard of that was fun. I saw some artists that I really loved, like Skillet, Within Temptation and Rob Zombie. I went to some of the more "obligated" ones, as in Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper (who sang"Another brick in the wall" by Pink Floyd, together with Rob Zombie - It was great to say the least) among some. I found some new great bands too, like Sólstafir and Ser Reg and Alter Bridge. I even drank myself a bit drunk one of the days, which doesn't happen very often (and didn't last for so long, but it was great fun ^^). The festival life was cool, although I didn't quite feel that I fit in amongst these beerquenching partying rockpeople. I might go to a festival again, if I can have the same awesome company as this time and if there are more great bands attending ^^
Then I went to Stockholm, in the beginning of this week. I was welcomed with hugs and pancakes and cats, great success to make me instantly love my desicion to go up, dispite not having any plans more than watching Final Symphony getting played by Kungliga Filharmonikerna (which was my first videogame concert and overwhelmingly awesome. Lots of crying were had). In Stockholm I also met up with great friends and took some nice cups of tea with some great discussions. Got some series recommended that I need to watch, talked about how feminism shouldn't be seen as a synonym to equality (I might do an entry about this after giving it som more thoughts) and I saw a couple of sleeping homeless people getting soaked when some stupid person threw a lot of water at them from their window above. Despite that, I really wanna go back to Stockholm already.
Yesterday I celebrated midsummers eve with a bunch of great people. They even got me to cut my hair a little and dance some silly dances about little frogs. And today I went to see my second cousin and his fiancée and grandparents, whom I hadn't seen for a long time. It was nostalgic and I think the best things are heard were that my second cousin is gonna be a father by the end of this year, and the sentence "Are boys really using nail polish these days?" (since I still have some black nails from Sweden Rock). There is apparently a thing going on this year, so many of my friends have gotten engaged and going to become (or have already became) parents. 
And now I'm home, totally exhausted from all epicness and sociality. I'm gonna use some alonetime and charge my batteries and spend some money on the Steam summer sale. Next up is Berlin in a couple of days and I'm almost already fully booked in July. Life is great!<3
Edit to my last entry: I just want to point out that it was about how I feel as a listener, when people say a senctence with "I.. , but..". Listening to that makes me feel that the negative part more or less runs over the positive part. Yes, there is of course a grey zone and yes, it's a matter of how things might sound, not what you are saying and meaning. Note the difference between "I love you, but I love her even more" and "I love you AND I love her even more". Of course you can mean the same thing, saying it either way. The listener will probably not hear the same thing tho, so be sure to know what you mean and how you want people to understand you before saying an "I..., but..."-sentence. I've noticed it is really hard not saying this at all, I probably say it every day without even knowing.
Love & Peace

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